Alex Hutchinson - UAV Pilot

Leading the team as the Pilot in Charge, Alex has been flying drones and filming for production companies across Canada and maintains a UAV Pilot Certification as well as a Canadian emergency radio license. His knowledge of drones and his love for the art of film making has gifted him with creative storytelling and camera techniques that add magic to any film production. Alex completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in the Film Degree Program at the highly esteemed American Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. In his spare time he enjoys script writing and drinking lattes at the local coffee shop or hiking through the woods with his family. 


Denise Lee - UAV Pilot

 A technical genius and highly inquisitive nature drew Denise into film making and drone piloting as a way to express her need to be both creative and scientific. Denise has developed a keen eye for flying and is always striving to learn more about the inner workings of the machines. She's worked on a variety of shows in production and post, and she upholds the highest level of safety standards and practices in the industry. 

kyle about picture.jpg

Kyle Pearlman - UAV Pilot/Camera Operator

As a professional broadcast media film maker Kyle has worked with the best in the industry. Kyle has an innate ability to pilot the drone and control the camera smoothly and he has honed that skill with hours of practice flying.  He maintains a clear goal of becoming the very best in his field and continues to strive for high quality on delivery standards.

Farren Whittaker - Camera Operator

Farren brings experience from multiple disciplines in both long and short format Film TV and Commercial productions over nearly 20 years in the industry.Camera operation and post production credits over 3 seasons on the ‘W’ Network; Farren also has held long term positions as a Location Scout and Manager on every budgetary tier over several years in the Directors Guild of Canada.Most recently having produced commercials for Tim Horton’s, Tetley, Volvo, Visa, Blackberry and Catelli pasta; Farren has Produced Music Videos for Shawn Mendes and The Good Lovelies in Toronto. A fixer for the GTA, Ontario or anywhere in Canada he has also been credited as a Location Manager for National Geographic, SYFY Network, CBC, CTV and The Discovery Channel. 

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Jeremy Bernatchez - UAV Pilot/Camera Operator

Jeremy has been working with cameras in the Film and TV industry for well over a decade, in both documentary and drama formats. He's been a camera operator on shows for Discovery Channel, History TV, and Smithsonian Channel among others, and traveled all over the world to do it for shows such as Miracles Decoded, Mummies Alive, and The Weapon Hunter.  Jeremy holds a UAV Pilot Certification and Canadian emergency radio license, as well as being an operating member of Toronto local IATSE 667.  In his off time, his camera work spills over into his love of photography, especially combined with his love to travel and experience new places and cultures.